7 High-THC Weed Strains You Should Try

7 High-THC Weed Strains You Should Try

It is difficult to determine which cannabis strain is highest in THC because strains are not an exact science. They can very across sources, with new ones popping up constantly. There is also the issue with CBD and THC, which are two of the most dominant compounds in weed. THC is a psychoactive compound responsible for the high cannabis produces. If you hear people talking about a very strong strain of weed, it is likely a high-THC strain.

High-THC weed strains produce strong psychoactive effects and can help with reducing nausea, reducing pain, decreasing inflammation, increasing appetite and improving muscle control problems. We have rounded up the strains that tend to have the highest amount of THC. Learn more about them below.

  1. Lemon Meringue. This sativa strain contains about 21 percent THC, and gives its users an uplifting effect. People tend to use it for anxiety, depression, fatigue, stress and mild headaches. After using this strain, users reported feeling energetic, happy and uplifted. Some have also reported that it boosts creativity.
  2. Laughing Buddha. This strain is an award-winning sativa strain that contains 21 percent THC. Its name is very fitting, as users report that it has the power to make you happy and giggly even when you feel depressed. This is a popular strain among people dealing with pain, stress, fatigue, stress, anxiety and depression. Aside from feelings of happiness, it can also make you feel energetic and euphoric.
  3. Hawaiian. This is a strain of choice for those who want to feel relaxed and happy like you are on vacation. It contains 22 percent THC and users report feeling uplifted and relaxed following use. Just like other high-THC sativa strains, people use Hawaiian to relieve anxiety and stress, along with fatigue, pain and depression. Feelings associated with this strain are energy, euphoria, creativity, happiness and relaxation.
  4. Kosher Kush. Originating from a clone-only strain in Los Angeles, this strain contains 21 percent THC and is associated with major pain relief and relaxation. It tends to put its users to sleep, which might be a reason why people usually seek this to treat insomnia. It can also help with depression, anxiety and stress, and should make its users feel sedated, relaxed, euphoric, happy and hungry.
  5. Triangle Kush. With an average THC level of 23 percent, this strain seems to be a favorite among artists and creative types for boosting creativity. People reach for this train to relieve stress, chronic pain and symptoms of depression. Users have reported that it makes them feel euphoric, creative and chill out after use.
  6. Death Star. This is an indica-dominant hybrid that offers 21 percent THC. Its effects are reported to come slowly at first, which will then eventually lead to a power state of euphoria and relaxation. Users report its effective ability to relieve insomnia, stress, anxiety symptoms and depression symptoms.
  7. Ghost OG. If you are looking for a balance between body and mind effects, this indica-dominant strain would be an excellent choice. It contains up to 23 percent THC and is popular among people who are looking to manage anxiety, stress, pain, depression and insomnia. Users report that it produces a sleepy, calming effect.

Strains that are high in THC are among the more potent cannabis products available today. While they can be very effective in treating certain health issues, they also tend to have relatively strong psychological effects. If you are new to cannabis, you might want to consider starting with low-THC strains before working your way up. Even when you consider yourself a seasoned user, it is still important to go slow when using weed strains that are high in THC.


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