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It might not be as big as its namesake in England, but London, Ontario, with just over 400,000 people, offers lots of fun things to do for both day trippers and overnighters. You can find lots of things to see and do here, whether you are in indoor or outdoorsy type. With its close proximity to the United States border, it makes for a great base to explore southwestern Ontario and Toronto.

Whatever kind of tourist you may be, you cannot pass up the chance to smoke up some cannabis. Marijuana use is legal in London, so you do not have to worry about getting entangled with law enforcement in this city. You can find lots of weed shops selling various cannabis products and accessories here.

Why Order Marijuana in London

Marijuana has long been known to offer relief and even cure many health problems. However, because of the restrictions many countries imposed on its use, these claims were never really studied thoroughly. Today, with the more relaxed laws on it, newer research have shown that this wonder plant can go more than just give you that well-known munchies and “high” feeling.

Evidence have shown that cannabis has a positive effect on many health issues and diseases. Aside from helping with chronic pain and inflammation, it can also relieve symptoms of arthritis, anxiety, depression, glaucoma, Crohn’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, ADHD, drug and alcohol addiction, and even cancer.

Where to Buy Cannabis in London

The people of London love their cannabis. So you can go up to any local resident and they can point you to the best shops where you can get your own stash. If you already are a weed enthusiast and know what works for you, the vast variety of products and accessories in the store shelves should not overwhelm you. Because weed is legal here, you have all the freedom to buy as many as you wish.

If you find yourself too tired to go out and go to a physical store, consider buying cannabis online instead. Reputable online marijuana dispensaries carry a wide range of weed products so you should find one that fits your needs best. Just make you purchase from a reputable store and you can order away.

Online Dispensaries in London

When looking for a good online dispensary, make sure that you do a thorough research first. This way, you are assured that you are really getting what you pay for. Ask for recommendations from family and friends, then proceed to read online reviews. Another way to determine if you are dealing with a trustworthy online shop is to check their website. It should be well organized with clear descriptions of each product.

Once you have chosen your desired store, you can now start to pick your cannabis goods. If you want the traditional smoking method, go with a good quality bud or flower. For something stronger, vaping concentrates are your best bet. But if you are feeling a little adventurous, cannabis-infused foods and drinks are a good choice.

Where to Enjoy Weed in London

Those who love outdoor activities will love London. The city boasts numerous parks, nature preserves and various walking trails where you can also enjoy your weed. For more rigorous activities, try hiking or mountain biking at the Boler Mountain, a popular adventure center that transforms into a ski destination during winter.

London is primarily a university city so it offers lots of cultural activities. Some of the popular pastimes here include exploring art galleries and museums or watching a performance at the historic Grand Theatre.

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