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Suggested Topic: Difference Between Bad Weed and Good Weed (Reason: to make it unique)

The medicinal and recreational benefits of cannabinol, cannabidiol (CBD), delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (d-9-THC) and other compounds present in cannabis weed has become more public nowadays.

Canada, Argentina, Australia, Barbados, and Belgium to name a few have legalized its medical use. Within the USA, California, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, and Arizona have also legalized or decriminalized its production, trading, and consumption.

The awareness and legalization have resulted in the mushrooming of online stores for cannabis weed. Buds or flowers are the most potent part of the weed, followed by leaves and stems. Most of the stores offer flowers only. If you want to buy weed online, it’s a must for you to know the difference between the bad weed and good weed.

What is a good weed?

Good weed refers to potent cannabis plant parts that can yield desired constituents (discussed in the beginning) qualitatively and quantitatively. That will only serve the purpose of buying the weed.

Whether you are a consumer or business interested in the pharmacological properties of the weed, the below criteria will help you to distinguish the bad weed from good weed.

Compactness of Flowers

Below are the images of the female and male flowers. The female flower of the cannabis has a high pharmacological value and, hence, there is always a high demand for it. Cola is the most important part of the flower. A cola is nothing but a cluster of tightly packed buds, which are further protected by hairy trichomes. The size and density of cola and the density of the blanket of trichomes covering it are key indicators of a good flower. When you buy weed online, you can easily distinguish the bad weed from good weed by looking at the flower structure. Bad weed has loosely-structured buds.

Color of Flowers

The bud or flower color varies from deep green to deep purple and bright blue. Flowers with vibrant colors along with flaming orange or red frosty trichomes are of good quality. The vibrancy of the trichomes reflects the intoxicating and therapeutic potency of the weed.  Bad weeds have a yellowish, brownish or reddish texture. You may use a magnifying glass to get an even better sense of the flower and trichomes’ color and its health. When you buy weed online, you have to rely on the images and descriptions provided. Customer testimonials or Google reviews can give some clue about the vendor’s integrity.

Feel of the Weed

This is something you can’t get while buying weed online. However, you should understand the fact so that you can raise an alarm if your cannabis supplier does some wrong with the quality. Top quality weed is sticky and slightly spongy. Touch or gently squeeze it between your fingers to get the feel. The breaking of stem and flower is common as suppliers drive away the moisture content for extended shelf life, but it shouldn’t crumble when you hold it. Immature harvesting and wrong warehousing often lead to the development of mold or rot that ruin the quality of the weed, and such a weed easily crumble. Remember, the expired cheese, bread, etc.

Smell of the Weed

The aroma complements the medicinal properties and recreational effects of the THC, CBD and the other cannabinoids elements present in the weed. Your olfactory senses should be able to make a distinction between the bad weed and good weed.  The natural aroma of the good weed is attributed to the presence of terpenes in the bud. Terpenes are released by trichomes present over the bud. If you buy weed online, check the description to know about the smell.

The characteristic smell of a bud is an indicator of the type of terpene present inside. Over 1000 terpenes have been found in cannabis and each has its smell. Their fusion further creates an array of smell palette matching the smell of cheese, citrus fruits, roses, lavender, berries, black peeper, cloves, peppermint, cumin, lilacs and much more. A well-grown, and properly harvested and stored cannabis weed has its distinct fragrance. Bad weed is devoid of such “cannabis scent,” or even if there is any, it’s strange and sometimes unbearable.

Flavor of the Weed

Your tongue is the most powerful testing tool. Taste the bud either directly placing it over the tongue or inhaling it, or smoking. From good-quality weed, you get the flavor of cheese, fruit, flowers, etc., mentioned in the above point. On the contrary, the low-quality weed either doesn’t have the flavor or have an unpleasant one. The functionalities of our olfactory and taste buds are closely related, and they influence each other as well.

Most of the factors that differentiate the bad weed from good weed are based on physical observation. You can’t judge everything on the spot when you order weed online. Hence, make sure you get it from a trusted licensed dispensary that maintains a good track record.

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