How to Cure Marijuana Buds

How to Cure Marijuana Buds

After harvesting your marijuana buds, it might seem like you are already in the final stage of the growing process. However, it could not be further from the truth. After harvesting the fruits of your labour, you will now have to go through the crucial steps of drying and curing the buds. Drying is the process of removing most of the bud’s water content. This will make them easier to handle, more pleasant to smoke and more resilient against mold infection. while some growers are good enough with blazing dried buds, some want to go on to the next level to further improve the buds’ potency and flavor. They do this by curing them.

Simply speaking, curing is just a matter of opening and closing jars at the right time. By putting your dried marijuana flowers in an airtight glass mason jar, you are creating an optimally controlled environment. The enclosed containers allow humidity from the flowers to rehydrate its exterior without overly wetting the buds. This way, you create a stash that smokes smoothly with superior tastes. Here are the steps on how to cure marijuana buds:

Step 1: Trim the Buds

To start the process, you have to prepare the flowers accordingly. If you individually dried the buds, you should be good to go. However, if you dried them by the branch, you need to trim them. Make sure that you every bud and remove the sugar leaves.

Step 2: Stash the Flowers

Put the stash into airtight containers. Mason jars offer a sturdy option and allows you to easily monitor the buds throughout the process. Loosely place the buds in the container, filling it three-quarters of the way to leave room for air. Next, determine if the stash is dry enough for curing by giving the jar a gentle shake. If the buds freely rattle around the glass, you can go on the next steps. But if they start clumping together, this means that the exterior is still wet and need further drying.

Step 3: Cure the Weed with Optimal Humidity

Put the lid on the jar and put the jar in a cool and dark place. It is ideal to put it in a cupboard or other storage room that can maintain a temperature of 21 degrees Celsius and a relative humidity of 60 to 65 percent in the jars. To accurate measure this, add a small hygrometer (a device used for measuring humidity) in the jar.

Step 4: Regulate Humidity Levels

During the first few days, you will have to check on the buds twice a day. Check them through the glass and keep an eye for mold formation. It also helps to open the lids for a few minutes every time to check it to allow the exchange of fresh air. Also check the hygrometers to ensure that they remain in the optimal level of humidity. If things get too wet, take off the lid for about three hours to release excess moisture. Leave the lid on for longer period without the breathing sessions if humidity is too low. If you still do no notice an increase in humidity, put a small humidity pack inside the jar.

Step 5: Continue the Process

Continue opening the jar once daily over the next two weeks, all the while taking the right measures to maintain optimal humidity level. After the third week, the buds should be cured and ready to be smoked. However, being a little more patient gives you better rewards; wait for three weeks more and you should enjoy an increased quality in your buds.

After curing you cannabis, your next step is to plan for long-term storage. If you intent to keep the buds for only a few months, the mason jar should be enough. Just make sure that they remain in a cool and dark environment. But if you plan on storing them longer than six months, it is best to vacuum-seal them or tightly pack in a jar and store them in the freezer.


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