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How to Inhale Weed Properly? Detailed Info for First-Time Cannabis Users

How to Inhale Weed Properly? Detailed Info for First-Time Cannabis Users

A popular myth is that many first time smokers of weed do not get high the first time they smoke. Whole some people say that there is something in the body that prevents smokers from getting high, it is highly likely that these people just do not know how to properly inhale cannabis. Even long time smokers who have enjoyed being high before say that they do not get high while smoking. So what exactly is happening?

Why You Do Not Get High the First Time

  • Not enough cannabinoid receptors. There are people who believe of a thing called “sensitization period,” where you do not feel high when you smoke the first few times, even when you inhale cannabis correctly. This is because THC can cause your brain to increase the number of cannabinoid receptors. Thus, you will have to wait for your brain to create more cannabinoid receptors to get high. As you continue using, you should eventually reach that level of receptors to feel elevated.
  • Failure to drag. This is a mistake that even experienced smokers make. Failure to drag happens when you keep the smoke in your mouth, and not actually putting it in your body. This is a waste of weed since the cannabinoids do not connect with the receptors to give you a psychoactive feeling. Do it correctly by dragging the smoke down to your lungs.
  • Failure to inhale. Many new smokers do not inhale at all, merely sucking on the delivery method like you would a straw. With this, your natural reflex is to gulp it down like you would a food or drink, sending it down the wrong pipe. Focus on inhaling instead of sucking, aiming to bring the smoke to your lungs, and not your stomach.
  • Poor quality of weed. If you are correctly inhaling weed, and yet you do not feel the high, the problem might be in the type and quality of your cannabis. Experienced users tend to build up resistance, so smoking marijuana of lesser quality will not give you the required THC to reach your peak.

How Do You Properly Inhale Weed?

When smoking – whether you are using a bowl, joint, blunt, bong, or other smoking device for the mouth – firmly cover the mouthpiece with your lips and inhale the cannabis into your lungs, like you would with normal breathing. Once you take the joint or device away from your mouth, breath it in deeply and exhale. It is this extra breath of fresh air that will push the smoke into the lungs so your body can absorb it.

  • You do not have to hold the smoke in your lungs for a long time to get high. This is the same as breathing; you do not hold oxygen in your lungs longer to benefit more from it.
  • Always ensure that you know your therapeutic sweet spot. It is not fun when you get too high, even when you are still learning how to use and inhale weed correctly.
  • Make sure that you smoke high quality cannabis. Inspect the weed to ensure that you are smoking a product with a quality level that you accept.

Have you tried practicing the right methods of smoking cannabis before? How did it work out for you? Remember that it takes practice to get things right, so do not feel frustrated if you find it difficult the first few times you try it. If you can, contact a reputable cannabis dispensary to give you tips on how to properly smoke weed, all the while giving you access to a wide range of high quality cannabis.

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