Is It Safe to Smoke Weed while Pregnant?

Is It Safe to Smoke Weed while Pregnant?

Smoking weed while pregnant is one topic that draws many discussions. Is smoking cannabis while pregnant safe? What possible effects will it have on you and your baby? There are so many misconceptions and beliefs about weed and pregnancy, largely owing to the many reports from various researchers in understanding the overall effects and implications of smoking on pregnant women and their baby.

Cannabis is one of the most commonly consumed drug all over the world, with one in 20 women reported to be smoking weed while pregnant. Although some studies have downplayed the effects of using cannabis while pregnant, attributing the dangers more to tobacco or cigarette smoking, other health experts advise to avoid it altogether to ensure the safety of the pregnant woman and her baby.

What Happens if You Smoke Weed while Pregnant?

Before concluding if it is ideal to smoke cannabis while pregnant because only tobacco is deemed dangerous, ask yourself is smoking weed affects pregnancy. It is hard to determine the exact implications cannabis has on the body while pregnant, but it is rarely prescribed to pregnant women suffering from pain, nausea and cramps. There are no regulations or controls to this herb so you can discuss this as an alternative with a doctor.

What are the Effects of Smoking Weed during Pregnancy?

The effects of smoking cannabis during pregnancy spans throughout the pregnancy, breastfeeding and developmental phase of the baby. It can cause a reduction in the oxygen supplied to the fetus, with effects ranging from low birth weight to stillbirth. Combining the THC in weed and pregnancy can also cause permanent damage in the child’s brain. Studies have shown that women who are exposed to prenatal smoking can cause defects in attention, concentration, problem solving skills and impulse control.

Because of the addictive nature of smoking cannabis, you can have some issues caring for your baby once they are born. Aside from this there are resin residues left on the lings that can cause significant damages in the long run, leading to emphysema, mucus production and bronchitis. When it mixes with the bloodstream, it can eventually cause respiratory issues.

Smoking cannabis during pregnancy might not be all that bad, though, studies have suggested that taking cannabis orally during the late stage of the pregnancy can help with certain discomforts like nausea, pain, and even contraction pains during delivery. One main thing to remember is to never this without the approval and supervision of your health care professional.

Is it Bad to Smoke Weed During Pregnancy?

Medical research still has yet to prove for sure why pregnant women should not smoke cannabis because most of the research work are either not conclusive or speculative to cannabis effects only. Still, there are many patterns that show that smoking cannabis during pregnancy can cause more harm than good to the woman and her unborn child.

Medical experts even in small localities where medical cannabis is legal are more likely to give alternatives to vaporizing or smoking pot. This is because cannabis is more likely to give the same effect as alcohol and tobacco among pregnant woman and there is a higher chance to indulge in these three things together. Also, it is not ascertained the specific stage of pregnancy that is more effected with smoking marijuana.

What is the Final Verdict on Smoking Weed while Pregnant?

An active smoker who plans to get pregnant should speak with a medical expert for more guidance and advice. More benefits, side effects and implications of smoking cannabis during pregnancy will be exposed, so you can decide for yourself if it is bad or not. It is also best to talk to your doctor on when it is better to continue or stop smoking cannabis through every stage of pregnancy.

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