Mushrooms 101: Beginner Guide

Mushrooms 101 Beginner Guide

If you are looking for psychedelic experiences, but from a source other than marijuana, mushrooms could be the answer! So far, you might have heard about vegetable mushrooms only. Today, Top Tiers Cannabis will introduce you to unique mushrooms, also called as magic mushroom variants like psilocybe cubensis and mushroom edibles, known for recreational and health benefits.

Popular Mushroom or Related Edible Choices

Cambodian Magic Mushrooms

The Cambodian Magic Mushroom is a strain of psilocybin cubensis. It’s native to SouthEast Asia. A magic mushroom enthusiast first discovered these spores in the Angkor Wat temple while filming about mushrooms. He then took them back to America with him. In no time, its popularity took the nation by storm. Customize your magic mushroom order online and get it delivered at the comfort of your home.

Potluck Chocolates

On the line of cannabis edible, you can also find chocolates containing extract of mushroom’s compounds. Potluck chocolates have extracts from mushrooms as well as cannabis (THC). It’s a great way to have the experience of both magical plants. These chocolate bars are crafted with diligence and precision by the Potluck team.

Room 920 Ice Tea Drink Mix

If you want a beverage out of mushrooms, there could be nothing like this. It’s an iced-tea drink mix containing psilocybin with a mix of refreshing and euphoric effects. Psilocybin is obtained from Cubensis plants that are found predominantly in the Amazon rainforest. The beverage also has sugar, citric acid, tea solids, tri-calcium phosphate, natural and artificial flavors.


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