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The Sweet Bubba cannabis strain has many names. It also goes simply by Bubba Kush or even Bubblegum Kush. Whichever name is used, it’s no doubt a very popular indica-dominant strain that produces a scent that’s slightly fruity and earthen, like bubble gum dropped in garden soil. Its taste is a bit different than its scent, leaving a coffee-like aftertaste with hints of chocolate that are almost reminiscent of a mocha latte. The Sweet Bubba strain’s flowers have shades of light greens and teals with the occasional hue of purple. Vivid fiery orange pistils jet out from its cured buds. Sweet Bubba THC levels average in the mid-teens, however, some crops have been tested as reaching up to 25%. Fans of this strain have said they experienced a soothing yet powerful relaxation that spread slowly from head to toe, along with a euphoric mindset. Some have said they successfully used Sweet Bubba to help with their insomnia or muscle tension, especially after a stressful day of work. Others noted that they experienced an increase in appetite as well as couch-lock or sedation, so they believe Sweet Bubba weed is better used in the evening after work but before a meal and bedtime.

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