Rethink Your Ways of Marijuana Consumption in the Age of Coronavirus

Ways of Marijuana Consumption in the Age of Coronavirus

The global concern over the novel coronavirus or COVID-19 has people taking all the necessary precautions against contracting the virus. It has also raised many questions about marijuana, smoking, THC, CBD, edibles and health in these difficult times. With people isolating, businesses closing and the worldwide economy reeling, there are surely some adjustments that need to be made when it comes to your cannabis consumption.

With the known and still to be known medical benefits of cannabis, some people are looking into the possibility of marijuana’s potential to prevent or cure COVID-19. Given the general hype around cannabis and CBD, lots of outlandish claims have been made and spread via social media. None of these claims are true, however, as there is no solid research on cannabis or CBD and COVID-19.

COVID-19 Health and Safety Reminders

  • Stock up for at least a month on cannabis supplies to prepare for supply interruptions and limit your trips to dispensaries.
  • Ensure proper handwashing. Aside from washing the virus down the down the drain, the soap’s molecular structure actually kills the virus.
  • The traditional puff and pass customs surrounding cannabis use are some of its greatest pleasures. However, doing so in this time of pandemic can further spread the virus. It is best to stick to your own supply in the meantime.
  • Stay at home and practice social distancing. Work from home if you can, reducing trips outside the house. Keep at least a meter of distance between yourself and others, and cancel or reschedule all your events.
  • We wary of the coronavirus symptoms. If you are showing symptoms, immediately isolate yourself and follow the quarantine protocols in your area.

Cannabis Dispensaries Amid COVID-19

Many states have deemed medical cannabis dispensaries as essential parts of the healthcare system, so they have remained open. There are some states, however, where they have shut down. Others only allow curbside pickup or delivery. Check in your area for dispensary openings and closings, as well as their protocols for curbside pickup and legal cannabis delivery services. Placing your order online allows you to limit time spent around strangers. It is best to make enough orders so that you have supply for a whole month, if possible.

Consuming Cannabis in a Pandemic

Generally, it is safe to consume marijuana now. In this period of stay-at-home orders and social isolation, it is important that you keep yourself mentally and physically healthy. If your wellness regiment includes marijuana, and you are now manifesting any COVID-19 symptoms, you can continue with your routine. Also, if you are experiencing anxiety or insomnia because of it all, cannabis can help you.

COVID-19’s Effect on Cannabis Supplies

Since all legal cannabis products are produced in the state where they are sold, industry experts are not really expecting any shortage of marijuana supplies even with import slowdowns. This does not guarantee supply interruptions or shortages in certain products, however. Most wholesale vape cartridges and batteries are manufactured in China, where supply chains have experienced interruptions and lockdowns because of quarantines. Vape pens and cartridges are imported from China every month, and shipments have not fully resumed following shutdowns because of the coronavirus.

Cannabis Legalization Campaignsx

Depending on the length of the social distancing rules brought about by the COVID-19, expect to see more cancellations on larger gatherings, festivals and other events in the next few months. Bigger shopping malls and commercial districts may experience downturn in pedestrian traffic, greatly affecting signature gatherers as they get enough signatures to qualify legalization initiatives. Legalization campaigns may have to wait a little bit more before bigger strides can be made.

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